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Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

mathbldg-smQ:  I need more time with my students, is it possible to allow my class to run long on any given day?

A:  In most cases, we do not have enough time to allow a class to run long. The schedule for our classrooms is pretty tight and we need the time between classes to prepare for the next class coming in. That being said, we would be happy to work with you to arrange a time for a review session or extra office hours for you and your remote students.

Q:  My remote students say they’ve turned their homework in, but I have not received it. Where do I go to pick up these materials?

A:  All professors have a mailbox in our Distribution Office, 2125 JM Patterson Building. They are labeled according to course and most of your course materials will be placed there for you, the only exception is completed exams, which we place in a secure location and  leave a notice in your mailbox.

Q: I am having an exam next week, how do I get copies of this exam to the remote students in time for the exam?

A: You may bring us a copy, email us a copy or fax us a copy of the exam at least one day prior to the date of the exam. If we receive it at least 2 days in advance we will ship the exam via UPS or Fed Ex. If we do not have enough time to ship the exam we will then either email a copy or fax a copy depending on how we receive it. We always like to keep a copy for ourselves, stored in a secure location, just in case a shipped exam does not make it in time, this allows us to fax the exam.

Q: I would like to hold a review session before the final, is there a way to include the remote students?

A: Yes, we would be more than happy to help you schedule a review session in our rooms so that your remote students can take part as well. Please stop by or call our Distribution Office and we will work with you to determine the best time.

Q: What is the best way to get course materials to the remote students?

A: The best way to disseminate course materials to all of your students is to upload the documents to our campus LMS (currently Canvas). This way each of your students has access to the information immediately and we don’t have to wait for the materials to ship, etc. If you prefer not to place course notes on Canvas, we will be more than happy to distribute the materials for you. We ask that you bring any material to us at least 2 days prior to when you want the students to have them, we can then ship it to the appropriate sites.

Q: Will there be someone at the remote site to proctor my exam?

A: For the most part the remote sites do provide proctors at your request. However, 1 site does not, Shady Grove. You can handle the proctoring of exams at this site several ways:

  • You can request that the remote student come to College Park for all exams
  • You can proctor the exam yourself by keeping these particular students on the monitor in the classroom
  •  If it is imperative that a proctor be physically there, please let us know and we can try to arrange for someone to go to this site for the exam

Q: We lost contact with the remote students part way through the class, is there any way those students can still view the class or are they on their own for that material?

A: All lectures taught through DETS are captured and links to these videos are placed on the campus LMS for the remote students to view at a later date. The videos are up shortly after class and are typically downloadable within 24 hours of the class and will remain there for the entire semester. If there is a problem with a link to one of the videos please report it to

Q: I have never taught a DETS course before, is there someone who can explain how things work?

A: We would be happy to set up a training session with you to go over the details of how to teach with us. Please contact Katie Truedson, 301-405-0031 or and she will work with you to schedule a training session.

Q: I will be out of town for one of my lectures, is there a way I can hold a make up lecture with my students?

A: There are two ways we can assist you with this. We can either arrange a time for you to pre-tape your class and then play it back for the students at their regularly scheduled class time. Or, if time does not allow for a pre-tape, we can set up a time for you to come in and hold a make up lecture. Like all of our classes, we will place the video of the class on the campus LMS for any students who are not able to attend the actual make up lecture. To schedule a time please contact the Distribution Office at 301-405-4907.

Q: What equipment is available to me in a DETS classroom?

A: DETS operates 6 technology classrooms on the second floor of J.M. Patterson Building. In each classroom we have a computer, large LCD displays, tablet annotation tools, and a document camera. You may bring your own laptop as well and we will display it on the screen for you. Each room is equipped with video teleconferencing equipment which is the primary mode of synchronous class delivery to our remote students. If you are interested in using any of this equipment, please just let us know and we will set it up for you.

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