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Students Frequently Asked Questions

Students FAQQ: I have a slow Internet connection, how do I download the higher bandwidth/quality video file from the server to my hard drive before I view my class so I can watch it at the highest quality?

A: Connect to Canvas and locate the lecture videos in your lecture video catalog. Under each lecture title there is an option to watch or download. Right-click on the download link and save the zip file to your machine. Once downloaded, you must extract (or un-zip) the files for correct performance. An instruction sheet is provided within Canvas for the proper downloading and viewing of your videos.

Q: I am an on-campus and my class is not online. How can I get a copy of a class that I missed/need to miss. How much does it cost, and whom do I call?

A: If your professor agrees, a copy of the lecture can be made available to you. Please contact Marty Ronning in Rm 2125E J.M. Patterson Building or email

Q: My company has a firewall that prohibits me from accessing the online files. What are my options?

A: For an additional fee we can make copies of classes on CD for people with extenuating circumstances. Contact Marty Ronning at or call 301-405-4899 to make arrangements.